"The Pied Piper, My Rock & Roll!"

Where We Land, Part 2

By Dominic Caruso

A story of one life, my life from my birth, the reason for my birth and the events that dictated a life style of disrespect for authority and the near destruction of myself almost from childhood to an era known as the 50's. A time of war, The Second World War and continuing until America discovered Rock and Roll and the first ever truly independent teenagers ruled the roads and the dance floor.

A time when Cool, however naive was in and a young mans teen status was tested at will on a regular basis based on his cool, how well he danced and how many female admirers he enjoyed. Turtlenecks, pegged pants, leather jackets and blue suede shoes were in and being the best dancer in town was all-important.

Dance off's first started in the fifties. Often the home pair would win the approval of the crowd. But then there was an unspoken challenge to visit the town of the visiting challengers. More times than not, new friends in a distant town were made. Other times tempers flairs and led to skirmishes between towns.

When one cool decision could alter a teen's life, a place in time that required at least one guardian angel watching over us in our ignorance of youth. Luck was fine but more than one guardian angel was even better. I was extremely blessed, I had thirty-nine. LOL!I didn't always listen to them.

But before we got to Teenage-hood and Rock and Roll we had to live through our own little hell. My hell was trying to live up to my father's expectation of me, or so I thought. A man that everyone seemed to love and I thought the world revolved around. Trying to please him time and time again and constantly being rejected, when I found it futile I went in the other direction.

Wanting and needing to know why he ignored me but afraid to ask, I went through adolescence and to the age of twenty feeling like a fatherless bastard. Having spent many decades studying my father and my family I have finally come to understand why my father acted the way he did. My only problem now is accounting for the way I disrespected and dishonored him and how I acted toward him.

Hopefully from the lessons of my ignorance and arrogance of adolescence some youth will learn before it is too late. Love, love is all-important and it must be shown and said before it's too late. Could have beens, would have beens and should have beens don't count and once the moment is gone, it's gone forever. You can't backup to love. You either see it coming, and seize it or it passes you by leaving you only memories.

Dominic Caruso 2-1-1992