"Where We Land"

Part 1

By Dominic Caruso

It is a story of how little control we have as to who our family will be or where on earth we will land when we are born. A journey of destiny that many of us would be wise not to change if we were given the option. I chronicle the places, times and people I went through in my clumsy effort to survive, to better my lot with the hand I was dealt by faith.

Events going back to as far as I can remember, when I was four years old and living at Manhattan's Madison Avenue across from Central Park, New York. Our move the Bronx and the kids I knew, my first gang and the school I attended with memories that are difficult to forget.

Our move to Jericho, Long Island and the four plus years our little family spent on Rodson Farms an estate owned by wealthy Argentineans. Jericho Elementary, my friends, Mr. Chase and other problems that always seemed to follow me no matter where or what I did. Much like my father when I think of it. Its true, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. They don't roll far either, because apple trees don't grow on hills.

Glen Cove High School and new friends. Meeting my first colored kids and loosing almost all of my white friends. My girlfriends, making my way through the learnings of sex and love making, and Joe Lombardi, who I almost killed. Whom I would eventually end up calling my 'favorite brother-in-law'. Not doing well in school after many years, knowing I wasn't going to be a rocket scientist, I would leave school despite Ms. Brown's words of encouragment not to.

For a young man, I was drained of all hope and looking for some way to find a better life for myself. I quit school in the very beginning of my junior year. Having moved from Rodson Farms, we found ourselves still at Jericho, but living in an apartment on the back of Perry's liquor store where I would apply for working papers and find my first job.

But for the help of numerous guardian angels, which I never listened to, they did manage to keep me from going just too far as to where I couldn't find my way back. Ingorence is bliss as they say and I beleive theres no such thing as bad luck. You're either lucky or you're not and I was lucky. At least on my behalf,....... not so for others.

Dominic Caruso 2-1-1992