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"No More Tomorrows"

Dominic Caruso

The story you will never forget...fifty years in the making!

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A stunning murder of a man and the death of a six year old boy catapult you into the world of Francesco “Cheech” Caruso. Jaw dropping truth brings the story to a close. “No More Tomorrows” reveals the dichotomy of Caruso -- passionate in life, with a golden tenor voice, uncompromising love and hands blood stained from murder. The reader is struck with raw frankness contrasted against poetry from the heart. “No More Tomorrows” is as unpredictable as the wind - twisting and turning through the life of an immigrant up against money, power and the court system in 1927. A star studded defense team brings out the “biggest and baddest” Mafioso, Hollywood glitter and top politicians. The jolting turns are non-stop. A “can’t put down ‘till the last page” book. The silver screen is waiting for this one. Awards to follow.
Connie Bottinelli, Director/Producer/Independent Filmmaker Grinning Dog Pictures
"No More Tomorrows" is a tragic and compelling true story of a passion killing committed in 1927. This well written account of an event is a trip back in time for the reader to experience how life was for Italian immigrants and the justice system at the turn of the century at New York City. The courageous story of Francesco "Cheech" Caruso has all the makings of a block buster movie, incorporating drama, poignancy, violence, music, Mafia bosses ( Salvatore D'Aquila-Al Capone), politicians and celebrities. From the first page to the last, "No More Tomorrows" is destined to be on the top of any best sellers list.
Arturo Coppola, Singer/Entertainer- coppola
A true tale of love, revenge and murder and, above all, unspeakable tragedy for two different families living in Depression Era New York City, "No More Tomorrows" is a gripping story that makes the reader turn the pages, profoundly ponder and ulitmately weep.
Neal Hirschfeld-
Detective: The Inspirational Story of theTrailblazing Woman Cop Who Wouldn't Quit.
Gripping! A stirring biography that peels away the layers of secrecy to lay bare one family's adjustment to America and the dark world of the Mafia.
Carol Kluz, The Chosen of Azar