The Boss...Grandma Privitera!

Smart lady, my Grandma. One day when I was six years old, she had me sit on her lap so could speak to me. She lifted my chin with her fingers and said, "You are a very special little boy. Don't you ever forget that."

I've been trying to tell people that for Yearssssssssssss! Thank you Grandma......thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, I love you Grandma, tell them............ go ahead!

And she was a great cook. The best. Love ya Grandma.

Grandma came from a wealthy family in Sicily. Wealthy enough to dictate to their children whom they would marry. One day when grandma was a young girl, a young Cardabinero on horse back came galloping past her. A Carabinero is an Italian solder on horse back. He was handsome in his uniform and stood tall in the saddle. He made one mistake. He looked back. When you see a pretty girl, you should never look back. Not unless you intend to do something about it. He had to and he did.

Against the orders of her family not to marry him because he was poor, she was disowned and never accepted back into the family again. She and her young man came to America when it was obvious that nothing would ever change and never returned. It must have been terrible for you. I know you missed your family all your life Grandma, cause I've missed you all of mine. I'm proud to be part of everything you and your solder made.

Grandpa was tall and handsome. In a lot of ways he was like Cheech. The two men got along so well that Grandpa talked dad into marrying his daughter Maria. Is that why you always gave Dad the fish eye, Grandma. Did he remind you of Grandpa.

Love you Grandma.................