My cool Uncle Frankie!

Frankie was the coolest. When I was a teenager, in the 50's, I was Uncle Frankie, or a close resemblence. I tried hard. I had two uncles who were professional dancers. Uncle Lou and Frankie. Lou took the professional route and with a partner became the world class, world known "Leta & Lechard" tango team. Frankie turned pro but only in competition circles and he knocked them dead. Being a regular competiter at places like Roseland and other New York dance palaces.

As a young child I showed promise as a dancer and one day Frankie asked if I had any interest in becoming a dancer, to which I replied, "Yes." And we were off. He told me the in a few years when I was older he would start working with him, that I would have to spend the summers with him, which was fine with me.

For the summers of 1947 and 1948, We danced and we dance and we danced. In between dancing we visited difference places like Roseland and the stork club. frankie introduced me to different people it would need to know when I decided to turn pro. People I can nolonger remember but they were agents and club owners as well as actors.

The following summer I was to start looking with a female partner to dance with. For this part I would have to move to the bronx so I could be there full time. Early in the Spring of 1949, Mama called me into the kitchen to tell me something. We were going to have to go to the Bronx, that Uncle Frankie was in the hospital and it looked like he wasn't going to make it. Well, the bottom fell out of my world. I knew that there was no money for me to pursue a dancing career and even if there was, I could pay enough to learn what Frankie could have taught me for nothing but my hard work.

When we did get to see him, he was in a fetal position and didn't recognize any of us. We retuned in about two weeks for the funeral. After the funeral we went to his place where his wife Jean, proudly showed us all of his trophies. Must have been ten of them, all 1st and 2nd prize trophies. And later we retunrd to Long Island. The Picture is of Frankie and his partner Lena on fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New york. Circa 1930-39.

Love ya Frank... See a photo of Frankie and dance partner Maria on 5th Avenue in FamilyPcs Section