Family Pics, friends and notables.

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    Papa looking dapper.     Uncle Frankie and Partner Maria.      Grandma Annette.

cheech"</A uncle Grandma

Bottom row: L to R, Anna, me & Josey. Above: Sal & Lena, 1940.

Sisters and I. Left to right: Anna, me,
Theresa & Lena, 1956.

Sisters and I.

Theresa and me

My brother Sal doing his Realism thing at Little Creek, Va. 1944Really proud of brother.

Lena, my sister and the 8 year old during my fathers incident. Jim the other gentleman I ever met. Their weeding day. June 1936.

Allow me to introduce my Uncle Lou and Aunt Anna, "Leta and Lechard", the Prohibition Tango Kings 1914-1926. CLICK on pic.


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