Book Synopses

By Dominic Caruso

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"No More Tomorrows"

Part 1

A Crime of Passion.....two families changed forever.

"This Bitter Earth"

No Nore Tomorrows, part 2

When there was nothing left for a nineteen year old at the 1911 Sicily, America's Ellis Island looked promising.

"The Voyage"

No More Tomorrows, Part 3

A three week sea voyage to the new world that
did little to change his lot.


No More Tomorrows, Part 4

Don't get involved with the American Mafiosi, they're not like us. Some lessons are learned hard.

"Where We Land"

Part 1

We have no choice who we are born to or where or even why.
Would it be any better if we had a choice of Where We Land?

"Where We Land"

Part 2

Making it from my childhood, to teenager and to all of twenty years old.
Somethimes I wondered how I made it through all that and Rock & Roll too.

"Prohibition's Tango Kings:"Leta and Lechard"

For a breif momment this prohibition era tango team
held the stars in their hands.

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