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The first of his books, No More Tomorrows, will be released by Westbank Publishing in the beginning of November 2008.

"No More Tomorrows"

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In the meantime, CLICK on the little mouse and you can read the article in the New York Times on Dominic's story... When you're through reading the article, be sure to see the Synopsis for "No More Tomorrows" by CLICKING on the BOOK SYNOPSES BUTTON, below.....................                                                                                                                                                            

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                                                                 Marie Privitera and Francesco 'Cheech' Caruso on their Monday April 19, 1917 Wedding Day. Unknown to the young couple, in ten years, their world would be turned up side down for the rest of their tomorrows. No more tomorrows, only yesterdays and memories. As the songs says, "Til we meet again somehow, some sunny day." Your loving son, always, Dominic...

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